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Elite Fight Club is delighted to announce an exciting new course at its EFC Gym in Bangkok.

Since November 19, EFC has been offering its new Martial Arts for Stuntmen Training (MAST) course. The specialized trainers are stuntmen who have extensive experience of preparing for and participating in the action sequences of movies and exhibitions. The through uses a range of techniques, including the martial arts of muaythai, muay boran, tae kwan do, karate, and wushu.

d2r is a collective get-together of a new generation of Thai Stunt men whose sole passion lies in the art of action sequencing. Our professional stunt men are highly trained in various forms of martial arts ranging from Thai kickboxing, Taekwon-do, Karate-do, and Wushu. Moreover, they are also competent in commercial action sequences; contributing their expertise within a wide-ranging portfolio of feature films, television series, advertisements, through to local / international events & attractions.

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Daily: 800 THB.
Monthly: 8,000 THB.